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  • France sans frontières: the best French border towns

    Looking for a new angle on the well-trodden paths of France? Then travel to its borders. These three melting-pot cities showcase the best of France while giving a tantalising glimpse into the rest of Europe – Lille skims the Belgian border in the north; to the east, Strasbourg grazes Germany; and Perpignan lies close to the southern border with Spain. Each city shines a fresh light on Gallic culture with unexpected flavours and simmering nightlife. Continue reading

  • New York City - Where to find peace and tranquillity

    Even if you’re not local, it will get to you: the car honks, the clank of trains passing overhead on elevated lines, or the roar of traffic below the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge. Even those walking conference calls, with dressed-up walkers barking into invisible hands-free mics around Wall Street.
    When enough’s enough, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to find peace and quiet without leaving the city. Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading

  • Rio de Janeiro: the top 10 attractions of the Cidade Maravilhosa

    It’s a rare visitor who doesn’t fall hard for the alluring beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Known as the cidade maravilhosa, the ‘marvellous city’ stretches between rain-forest covered peaks and white-sand beaches, with a wild mix of architecture – from beaux-arts theatres to art-deco apartment buildings – scattered along its buzzing tree-lined streets. Here are our top 10 places not to be missed while visiting the city. Continue reading

  • Mexico’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts

    When people think Mexico, many see golden sand, blue water and green palms. Hundreds of beaches fit this bill: some near-empty with a few palm-thatched eateries and cabañas; others busy urban beaches. Most of the best are on the Pacific or the Caribbean coasts.
    Right, got your bathers and a towel? Continue reading

  • Spain - The essential guide to bar food; Tapas

    For a Spaniard, his heart breaks every time he gets asked to go to a tapas restaurant abroad. While the food is on the whole a good approximation of the right stuff, the experience is totally unlike the well-established, unpretentious social gathering that is Spanish tapeo. Continue reading

  • Portugal - Luxury villa rental in Algarve

    Algarve is a name derived from the Arab phrase al-gharb, meaning the "land beyond" that the Moors gave to this sunny region of Portugal after conquering the Iberian Peninsula in 711. The name could just as easily mean "vacation paradise," because the Algarve has drawn millions of foreign visitors--most notably the British--to its beaches and villages since the developers moved in during the 1960s. Continue reading

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